Get the best of guarantors

Garantme certifies your rental file within 8 hours and acts as your guarantor to maximize your chances of being selected.

Garantme guarantee

The Garantme Guarantee highlights the seriousness of your file and your solvency.

It has a simple and transparent price borne by the tenant: 4.5% of the annual rent amount including charges.


A quick and straightforward service

Relax, we take care of everything.

We assist you in building your file. Complete it online so the guarantee is issued online on the same day.

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A secure, reliable, and renowned insurance

We ensure. In every sense of the word.

Our guarantee is provided by the strongest and leading real estate insurance companies.

5 minutes

To fill out your application and upload your supporting documents. If anything is missing, don’t worry, you can finalize this step later.

8 hours

To obtain your certification after verifying your application. This document proves to landlords that Garantme can be your guarantor.

How it works

Landlords’ preferred guarantor

Our guarantee elevates your file to the top of the pile, maximizing your chances of securing the home of your dreams.
Garantme provides the guarantees expected by your landlord and agency. 



I submit my supporting documents to build my rental application through Garantme to get a guarantor.

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As soon as my application is certified, I can start looking for accommodation.



With Garantme’s assistance, I find my accommodation.



I activate my Garantme Guarantee with my landlord to cover my rent for the entire lease duration.



I sign the lease and can move into my new accommodation.


How much does it cost?

Group 680

Garantme Guarantee


Total fees

270 € per year

Fees per tenant

270 € per year

Your guarantee cost

What you need to know


Most rental agreements require one guarantor per tenant. Each tenant can use Garantme, and the price will be reduced gradually.

Payment timing

Our aim: to help you find accommodation. Therefore, the payment is made only at the time of signing the lease agreement. No upfront fees.


To reassure the landlord, the Garantme Guarantee is renewed every year. So, you need to renew your Garant Guarantee, unless the landlord releases you from this commitment.

Payment methods

Secure online payment by credit card or transfer.

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These professionals trust us

It's our tenants who
speak best about it

  • The service is super efficient, and the employees working there are all competent and responsive. The advisor, Mr. Karl, solved the problem in 24 hours. Truly impeccable service.

    Giacomo Scalisi


  • Since I contacted Garantme, everything went very well. Warm welcome, follow-up on proposals, advice until I find the room to inform them. Positive reaction and a process followed and validated.



  • A solution for landlords who don't want physical guarantors. Garantme allowed me to finalize the lease of my apartment, providing a guarantee that was more reassuring to the landlord than my physical guarantors.

    Sabine Revault



The Garantme Guarantee is…

  • Free and 100% digital registration
  • A responsive 7-day service
  • Personalized assistance in your accommodation search
  • A digital guarantee adapted to leasing
  • Compensation covering up to €90,000 of unpaid rent

100% personalized assistance

Our team helps you at every step.

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7d/week support

Our advisors are always there to guide you and answer your questions. We even go as far as calling your landlord to support your application.


Quick access to your accommodation

Our certified tenants find accommodation on average in 7 days.
Your search will be processed faster if you go through our partner network.

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Unlimited access

Through our platform, you have access to all rental listings to facilitate your accommodation search. No need to sift through hundreds of ads on the web!

They found their apartment through Garantme