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Why landlords choose Garantme tenants ?

Certified applications

The housing application is compliant with the French requirements and the supporting documents are certified

Guaranteed rent

The rent is guaranteed up to €96,000

Simple procedure

The guarantee is issued within the day without paperwork. The legal procedure is supported by Garantme.

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How does it work?

Online form
Certificate of Eligibility®
Apartment research
Garantme priority
Landlord approval
Guarantor Pack® Activation

Fill in the online form

In just 5 minutes, fill your application and upload the supporting documents.

If you miss one of them, no worries, you can save and come back later!


Fill in the online form

In just 5 minutes, fill your application and upload the supporting documents.

If you miss one of them, no worries, you can save and come back later!


Get your Certificate of Eligibility®

In the same day you receive by email a Certificate of Eligibility®. This document proves to landlords that Garantme can be your guarantor.

Start your apartment research

During your apartment research and your visits, just include the Certificate of Eligibility® in your application for landlords to see it. It is valid everywhere in France.

Increase your chances with Garantme

Get top priority with our network of partner agencies or send us the landlord’s contact information if they don't know us. Our team will call them to support your application and present the guarantee.

Get landlord approval

Send us an email once a landlord approves your application.

Activate the Guarantor Pack®

In two hours, you receive a secure payment link in your mailbox to activate the Guarantor Pack®. Upon receipt of payment, Garantme automatically emails the Guarantee to your landlord.

How much does it cost?

€ / month

What you need to know

Most rental contracts require one guarantor per tenant. In this case, each cotenant can use Garantme separately.
Time of payment
Our mission: help you find an apartment. That's why payment is due when signing the rental contract.
To reassure the landlord, the Garantme Guarantee® is renewed every year. So, you need to renew your Garantme contract unless the landlord releases you from your commitment.
Minimum fee
The minimum fee is €150 and it applies to all rents that are below 360 €/month including charges.
Payment methods
The payment is processed online through our secure payment portal. You can pay by car or bank transfer.
Price per tenant
210 € / year
Number of tenants
Total price
210 € / year
Paid at lease signature for a minimum of one year and renewable every year
Is your stay below 12 months?
No worries! Garantme can still be your guarantor with Guarantor Pack®
Is your stay over 12 months?
Garantme can be your guarantor with automatic renewal of the Guarantor Pack®

Why choose Garantme?

The Garantme Guarantee® showcases the seriousness of your application and your solvency to the landlord.

Your obligations under the lease remain the same with or without Garantme. In case of default, the Garantme Guarantee®, financed by the community of tenants, will cover the unpaid rent to the landlord. However, your debt will be transferred to our insurer company. This will lead to legal actions and the start of an eviction process. You will be liable for legal fees and any rent payment due.

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Garantme, the best Guarantor

Garantme, simplified joint-stock company with a capital of € 12,001, 832 523 344 RCS Bobigny. Garantme is governed by the Insurance Code and registered with ORIAS № 17006810. Headquarters: 12 rue Anselme, 93400 Saint-Ouen

More about Garantme

For any claim, you can email us at If your request is rejected or denied, please mail or email to the Insurer. If your request is rejected or denied, please mail the Médiateur de l'Assurance at the address: TSA 50110, 75441 Paris Cedex.

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