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The lessors' favourite criteria in France

Sometimes, the procedures to search an apartment can be long, that is why Garantme facilitates your access to the accommodation you want.


You will find below, a piece of advice to make your application climb at the top of the list.


  • Landlords often choose the one staying the longest   CALENDRIER DUREE

The lessor would rather chose someone who declares that they will stay at 12 months, to avoid rental vacancy. It is the fact that a housing is empty for a period, which leads to a loss of money for him. Some insurance can solve this problem but in that case the lessor has to pay added fees for this service.


  • Landlords often choose the one renting the earliest  SEASON JULY

Asking an accommodation in July instead of September enhances your chance to get the housing you want, because once there will be an availability you will get it first. In fact, students are leaving their place once they have their exams results, that is end of June. Land


  • Landlords often choose the one working the closest  Location COLOR

The location that you ask is also taken into account regarding the location of your school or your job. It will be better if you choose an accommodation near these locations. It will actually reassure the landlord about your willingness to stay longer in the accommodation.

Your everyday life will be also easier if you are staying close to your school or your job.


  • Landlords only choose the one with a complete file   COMPLETE FILE

Have a complete file is one of the most important criteria to find an accomodation faster and effectively. When you are applying for a housing, be sure you have all the required documents such as the ID card, the proofs of revenus, the school certificate. All these documents are already included in your Garantme certificate, download it and you will get all the required document ready to be sent. Have a complete file will show to the landlord/ lessor your seriousness.


  • Get the Garantme guarantee and prepare the payment  Checker B-W

To sign the apartment contract, the Garantme guarantee will be needed. To send the guarantee to the landlord, we will need you to pay the Garantme fees.

To be ready to move in faster, you should get a chequebook to pay the deposit required to each arrival in a new accommodation.

Open a French bank account will make your life easier. You will be able to have the APL (financial welfare contribution for housing), it will also provide you a chequebook and will reduce the bank fees for each transactions in France you will do, instead of using your foreign credit card.


The Advice: Be reactive  Light bulb

The most important thing during your housing research, will be your responsiveness. There is a lot of demand for quit a few availabilities. If you are not reactive, someone else will take the accommodation and your researches will be longer.

Ask for update of your application or ask us to call them for you if you need. Garantme is also here to support you in your apartment research to make it easier and faster.