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It can be difficult to find a student job abroad, and extra difficult without a lot of professional experience. However, not for long, because Mômji is looking for English-speakers for its jobs in Paris and other cities in France!

Working for Speaking-Agency can bring you a lot of advantages that add to your experience abroad, like: 

  • You’ll get a dedicated HR advisor/Assistance with French administration
  • Social security and health insurance policy
  • Free French classes in Paris
  • Full online training provided and workshops about babysitting and teaching
  • Access to negotiated deals (accommodation, bank, insurance, movies, language courses, travel…)
  • Events: for example, international Wine & Cheese parties, Halloween party, etc.


  • Mômji is here to help you finding an English speaking job in Paris or other French cities. This is their specialization: they hire more than 2500 employees each year! Their team is always looking for international students to work for their profiles fit in the job requirements. For the babysitting jobs you will take care of children while passing on your language knowledge to them. The babysitting jobs in Paris and Lyon implies taking care of children from 2 years old, in the other cities it starts at 3 years old. These jobs differ from 5 up to 40 hours a week, flexible and adjustable to your own timetable. For the teaching jobs you will teach your own language to kids, teenagers or adults from 2 to 15 hours a week.
  • By working for Mômji, you can develop new relationships with families in France, and also at the company’s events that are organized regularly. Other advantages are: good salary, entertainment, contact with other internationals, discovery of new cultures, etc... Don’t hesitate to apply for a job directly!


To work for Mômji it is important that you are bilingual or a native speaker in the language you want to teach or babysit. It can be any language, for example English, German, Chinese, etcetera. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old and be available to work during at least 3 months. Also, some experience in childcare or teaching is required. For babysitting you need informal or formal experience, and for language teaching you need to have formal experience in teaching. If you tick all the boxes, Mômji is looking for you! Are you ready to start the Mômji adventure?