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How to find an apartment on Nexity Studea and Garantme as your guarantor?

In order to make a reservation request, there are two ways: doing it online at nexity-studea.com or calling a phone advisor on 0 820 830 820.

Once you have your Eligibility Certificate from Garantme, you need to contact Studéa via your Studéa officer or by calling one of their advisors on 08 20 83 08 20, so that you can complete your reservation and book an accommodation

We will send you the payment link for the Garantme fees. Thanks to our partnership with Nexity Studéa, the Garantme fees will be up to 3% of your monthly rent, instead of 3.5% of your monthly rent, by writing STUDEA2019. 

Once you have paid the Garantme fees, you will receive the final guarantee by mail. You then have 48 hours to send this document and you full and signed rental contract (with all your supportive documents) to the manager of your residence

If you need help, we are available to help you, you just have to contact us by e-mail or by phone :

By e-mail : support@garantme.fr

By phone :  01 76 41 02 04