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How to find an apartment on Flatlooker with Garantme as your guarantor ?

To find a student accommodation you can go to Flatlooker website and search for housing and in a few clicks find the one you need.

Go to www.flatlooker.com and follow the steps to submit your files simply. To better understand the steps, you can watch the video:


 Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Fill in the place where you are looking for your accommodation.
  • You can filter results by surface and price and search
Flatlooker vous permet de visiter et de louer votre appartement depuis chez vous

  • Once both fields are filled you can start your search among the choices. 
Flatlooker propose beaucoup d'appartements pour étudiants

  • When an accommodation interests you, click on Submit my application, this does not commit you to anything!
  • On the next page you can check the availability of the chosen accommodation. You will also have access to all the necessary information about the selected accommodation such as the services and details that the property has and what you can find nearby.
Vous déposez votre candidature directement sur le site Flatlooker

  • All you have to do is fill in your tenant sheet and fill in as many fields as possible so that the application can be processed as quickly as possible.
  • You can click Add Another Tenant if you are making a roommate.

Le formulaire Flatlooker est intuitif à remplir
Dans l'onglet


Si vous avez déjà votre certificat de garantie chez Garantme, il vous suffit de remplir votre numéro de dossier

If you are already registered on Garantme and you have received your certificate,

  1. Add a guarantor, write Garantme on behalf
  2. Enter your file number.

-> Where can I find my file number? You have received it by email when you have been certified by Garantme. If this is not the case, put your file on Garantme.fr or call our advisers. Your certificate number is on the first page of the Certificate

  • Click Apply for the ... followed by the address of the property
Et voilà ! Cliquez sur Postuler et votre demande sera complète !


  • Congratulations, your file has been sent to the lessor.


If you need help, Garantme advisors are available to accompany you, just contact us by email or phone:

By mail: support@garantme.fr

By phone: 01 76 41 02 04