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How to find an apartment on Location-étudiant with Garantme as your guarantor ?

To find a student accommodation you can go to Location Étudiant website and search for housing. In just a few clicks you have the possibility to put Garantme as your Guarantor without having to re-enter all you informations and fill forms

  • Just click on "J'ai un dossier Garantme" and enter your Garantme certificate number :

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  • To better understand the steps, here is a video


You can also follow step by step :

Sur location-etudiant.fr, vous avez le choix entre plusieurs types de logements


  • Fill in the location you want: City, School, ZIP code ...
  • Choose between Student Residence / Classifieds / Short Term / University Cities.
  • Once both fields are filled you can start your search among the choices.
Vous êtes libres de vous renseigner et de réserver sans engagement


  • When a property interests you, click on Infos Reservations, it does not commit you to anything!
  • On the next page you can check the availability of the chosen accommodation. You will also have access to all the necessary information about the selected accommodation such as the services and amenities that the property has, which you can find nearby as well as the opinions left by the students.




  • All you need to do is to click on "J'ai un dossier Garantme" and enter your Garantme certificat number that is on your certificate


  • When you do not have a guarantor, the platform advises Garantme

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-> Where can I find my Garantme number ? Your Garantme number is on the top of your certificate you received by email when you have been certified by Garantme. If this is not the case, drop your file on Garantme.fr or call our advisorscertif_EN

The next step is the Confirmation of the file. You will quickly get a return from the residence on your application. 


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If you need help, we are available to help you, you just have to contact us by e-mail or by phone :

By e-mail : support@garantme.fr

By phone :  01 76 41 02 04