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Why landlords choose Garantme tenants?

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Certified applications
The housing application is compliant with the French requirements and the supporting documents are certified
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Guaranteed rent
The rent is guaranteed up to €36,000 by MMA and GALIAN Assurances
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Simple procedure
The guarantee is issued within the day with no paperwork

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How much does it cost?

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What is the amount of the total monthly rent including charges?


How many roommates will be sharing the apartment?

How many roommates need a guarantor?

What you need to know


Most rental contracts require one guarantor per tenant. In this case, each cotenant can use Garantme separately.

Time of payment

Our mission: help you find an apartment. That’s why payment is due when signing the rental contract.


To protect the landlord, the Garantme Guarantee is renewed every year. So, you need to renew your Garantme contract unless the landlord releases you from your commitment.

Minimum fee

The minimum fee is €365 and it applies to all rents that are below 870€/month including charges.

Price per tenant
Number of tenants
Total price€/year

Paid at lease signature for a minimum of one year and renewable every year

Your stay is below 12 months?

No worry! Garantme can be your guarantor with the 12-month Guarantor Pack

Your stay is over 12 months?

Garantme can be your guarantor with automatic renewal of the Guarantor Pack

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