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Most rental contracts require one guarantor per tenant. In this case, each cotenant can use Garantme separately.

Time of payment

Our mission: help you find an apartment. That’s why payment is due when signing the rental contract.


To protect the landlord, the Garantme Guarantee is renewed every year. So, you need to renew your Garantme contract unless the landlord releases you from your commitment.

Minimum fee

The minimum fee is €150 and it applies to all rents that are below 360€/month including charges.

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Paid at lease signature for a minimum of one year and renewable every year

Your stay is below 12 months?

No worry! Garantme can be your guarantor with the 12-month Guarantor Pack

Your stay is over 12 months?

Garantme can be your guarantor with automatic renewal of the Guarantor Pack

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use the guarantor pack
Will the landlord accept Garantme as a guarantor?
Yes, Garantme provides all the necessary securities to the landlord. Our Guarantee is underwritten by Galian Assurances, the first guarantor on the housing market and MMA IARD, a top French insurer with 537.052.368 Euros in capital.
When do I have to pay?
We only ask for payment when activating the guarantee before you sign the rental contract. No payment will be asked from you before finding your apartment. Furthermore, Garantme helps you find an appartment for free by generating a certificate of eligibility that strengthen your housing application.
How to get a Garantme Guarantee?
The process is easy:
1 - In 5 minutes, you take our application form and upload the necessary documents.
2 - Within 2 hours, if your application is accepted, we give you a Garantme Certificate to reassure your landlord during your search. It will enhance your selection chances and reduce your search time.
3 - We can assist you during the search if your landlord has questions about the Garantme Guarantee.
4 - Once you found your apartment, you will just pay our premium and sign our agreement
5 - We issue the Garantme Guarantee for you and send it to your landlord via email so that he or she is in full peace of mind.
Do I have to renew the Garantme Pack when I renew my lease?
When you renew the lease you have to use the Garantme Pack again or someone that can act as a qualified guarantor unless you can qualify on your own merit. Such qualification is at the sole discretion of the Landlord.

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