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Émile Karam
Émile Karam
CPO & Co-Founder
I came to France after my engineering diploma to pursue a master degree at HEC Paris. I was quickly confronted by the rigidity of the housing market. Landlords were hesitant to rent me their flat without a local guarantor. My parents live abroad and thus, couldn't qualify as my guarantor. After working in Financial audit at EY and an insurtech startup in Berlin, I am proud to create Garantme and say that looking for a French guarantor won’t be an issue anymore.
Thomas Reynaud
Thomas Reynaud
CEO & Co-Founder
During my studies, I oversaw the student satisfaction program at HEC Paris. It led me to find out about the struggle internationals face when looking for an apartment in France. The main reason was their inability to provide a French guarantor to guarantee a full rent payment to landlords. Later, when I was working in London, I faced the issue of finding a local guarantor myself. Today with Garantme, my goal is to facilitate access to housing for international students, while providing landlords with the protection they need.
Mylène Romano
Mylène Romano
VP of Sales & Associate
I was the president of Berard, a company that I've built over 25 years with my partners before selling it to Nexity. I managed over 5,000 apartments and finding the right match between landlords and tenants was always a challenge, especially in a tense market. My entrepreneurial adventure is far from over and my aim is to bring innovation to the housing market with Garantme. Today, we open doors to tenants by protecting landlords from defaults with the Garantme guarantor's service.

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Garantme is a broker in insurance, banking operations and payment services, supervised by l'Orias, www.orias.fr (an agency under the trusteeship of the Treasury).

We are registered at Orias under the reference 17006810.


Garantme is a member of the FNAIM Lab - Federation National Real Estate Agents

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MMA Assurances

MMA Assurances

The leader in IARD insurance with € 537,052,368 in capital.


Insurance brokerage subsidiary of the SOCAF group.
Rent guarantee ceiling by tenant
Tacitly renewable guarantee
Solidary and indivisible guarantee
Legal procedure
Assisted and in charge by the insurer
Time of receipt of the guarantee
2 hours
Price of the guarantee
3.5% of the rent, paid by the tenant
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You can email us at reclamation@garantme.fr or write to the Médiateur de l'Assurance at the address : TSA 50110, 75441 Paris Cedex. We will come back to you in 24 hours.

Garantme, simplified joint-stock company with a capital of € 12,001, 832 523 344 RCS Bobigny. Garantme is governed by the Insurance Code and registered with ORIAS № 17006810. Headquarters: 12 rue Anselme, 93400 Saint-Ouen